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This is a portrait of Erica. She did her own hair and makeup and came to my Adelaide portrait photography studio for a portrait photo shoot. I think you will agree that she looks amazing in this relaxed pose.

My home photography studio here in Highbury, Adelaide, has all the professional equipment needed for beautiful portrait photography. I love my Swiss made Elinchrom Quadra Action studio lights and light modifiers. Not only do they have the ability to freeze motion for razor sharp images out in field, but in the studio they are even better for beauty, portrait and fashion photography. They give out an outstanding quality of even diffused light that flatters my client's best features.

Many photographers need to hire a location for a photo shoot, such as a large hall or studio. Although those locations have their purpose, I find it easier for my clients to have their portraits taken in my home studio in Highbury, Adelaide. I can be sure that it will be comfortably heated in winter and air-conditioned in summer. Being comfortable and relaxed is important when you are going to have your photograph taken. There is a separate entrance at the front of the house too, which means the portrait studio can be accessed without going through the house.

Location: Highbury, Adelaide, South Australia.

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