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Are you looking for a professional modelling portfolio photographer to help you build your portfolio? Are you looking to update your modelling portfolio? Perhaps you are just thinking of giving modelling a try. You might just want to see how you would look if you were featured in a magazine photo shoot. Alice V Rossiter Photography is here to help.

As a professional portrait photographer, Alice can guide you through a variety of poses and help with expression too. None of the women in Alice's portfolio are professional models, they have all been guided by her to achieve the style and look of a professional model. The modelling session can be planned to achieve the style that you are looking for. The photo shoot generally lasts about 2 hours. That gives you time to try out 4 or 5 outfits with multiple lighting styles. An experienced hair and makeup stylist is arranged for you in studio.

If you are wondering why just any photographer won't do. Let me explain. There is more to just being beautiful when it comes to being a model. You will need to know poses that best suit your body type. This is something that you can learn over time, but when you are just starting out, you will need someone to help you. Not all photographers have the same skills. A real estate photographer will know how to light a building and know which lens to use to create an impact, but they may not have the first clue where to start when photographing a model... and visa versa by the way. There are probably not too many portrait photographers that know how to photograph a building either! Each photographer has their own genre that they specialise in and each is an art form in itself.

Modelling portfolios can be arranged for women, children, teenagers and mature models.

Taking the photo is definitely not the end of the process, there is still many hours of work for the photographer to do. Retouching and styling the photograph is also an art form. All presented images (maximum of 20) are professionally retouched by Alice Rossiter. Great care is taken with each image. The photos are retouched according to the resolution you would like to purchase. If you haven't seen how much work goes into a retouching an image for a magazine, I would do a search on YouTube or Google Videos for, "retouching model photo", just to give you an idea. Here is a time lapse a model's photograph being retouched by the very talented and master of retouching, Pratik Naik ... click here. Alice uses a very similar technique.

Kick start your modelling career with a professional model portfolio with photographer Alice V Rossiter.

Location: Adelaide, South Australia.

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