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About Alice

I started my photography journey with a dented second-hand Pentax SLR in 1986. I had my own darkroom equipment and developed my own black and white photos. At some point, I did a photography elective course at university. I was studying engineering, but for some reason, they wanted engineers to do a few creative courses. That suited me just fine. It was yet another opportunity to play in a darkroom and get a few points towards my degree at the same time. Bonus!

Since then, I have contributed to stock photography agencies. When I started, there was no option to upload your photographs online. I had to post a CD of photos to the UK! Stock was great for a while and gave me a bit of side income for many years, but it's not what it used to be, so although I still have some stock online, I don't contribute much anymore.

So, with stock photography out of the way, I found my new niche... studio portraits! It is still a part time occupation for me. I work during the week and do portrait sessions on the weekend. Basically, I can't really live without photography, so this is both my creative outlet and small business on the side.

I have also spent many years using Photoshop. I did some graphic design many years ago and used Photoshop every day for 10 years. So, I know my way around. I did a few online courses in how to Photoshop portraits the same way they do in magazines too. I like the photos to look like no-one has actually done any Photoshop, so looking at my portfolio, it may look like there is no Photoshop there, but trust me, there is ;).

I have a room in my home set aside specifically for my photography studio. I use high quality professional Elinchrom lighting and I shoot with Canon. Although, as Sony cameras are starting to exceed in quality, I think I will be changing over pretty soon.

I live with my award winning cinematographer husband, adorable son, two dogs (a golden retriever and little poodle-cross) a cat and 2 fish!


9 Bronze awards - The Portrait Masters 2018

The Portrait Masters is an international competition. A panel of 5 world class accredited portrait photographers view your photos and independently score them. This is the first competition that I have ever entered for anything period, so I am proud to have gained 9 bronze awards in the category of "Contemporary Portrait"! I'll be entering more as time goes on, so watch this space.

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